• Alexander Calder

    Alexander Calder

    Unititled, 1947

    Signed "A. Calder 47" lower right
    Oil on canvas
    7 3/4 x 29 3/4 inches


    Calder and Miro had met in Paris in the 1920s and formed a life-long friendship. In March of 1947, Miro and his family visited Calder at his home in Roxbury, CT. The two artists had both been commissioned to work on monumental projects at the Terrace Plaza Hotel in Cincinnati - Miro to paint a 30ft mural and Calder to create a mobile for the lobby. Untitled, 1947, was created that same year and is a marvelous representation of the influence and ideologies shared by these two titans of modernism.  Both artists combined color, shape, and line in new groundbreaking ways, relying primarily on limited elements to explore compositional space. While they worked independently, their resulting creations have long been recognized as reinforcing each other's vision. As Calder put it, "Well, the archaeologist will tell you there's a little bit of Miro in Calder and a little bit of Calder in Miro".