Weinstein Gallery and City Lights Bookstore present Gordon Onslow Ford: A Surrealist Exploring the Inner Worlds: Weinstein Gallery

Nov 17, 2019 

A lecture and book signing with Fariba Bogzaran to celebrate the release of the new book: Gordon Onslow Ford: A Man on a Green Island.


Gordon Onslow Ford was one of the last surviving members of the 1930s Paris surrealist group surrounding André Breton. Born in the English town of Wendover in 1912 to a family of artists, Onslow Ford began painting at an early age. His grandfather, Edward Onslow Ford, was a Victorian sculptor. In his lifetime, Gordon Onslow Ford cofounded, together with Robert Anthoine and Fariba Bogzaran, The Lucid Art Foundation. The mission of the Lucid Art Foundation is to explore the phenomena of the inner worlds and deep levels of consciousness through visual arts, spontaneous painting, writings, and other means to make visible the otherwise invisible, creating an inclusive way of seeing that is in harmony with the natural world of which we are a part. This talk will explore Surrealism in its relation to consciousness expansion and the mapping of states of mind.


This event is part of a series of programs with City Lights celebrating Surrealism at 100.