About David Hare

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David Hare

Born in New York in 1917, Hare was an American photographer, painter and sculptor. Introduced to the surrealists in exile in the early 1940s, through his cousin Kay Sage, painter and wife of Yves Tanguy. Collaborated with Breton, Duchamp, and Ernst on the magazine VVV in 1942–44. Turning his focus to sculpture Hare would exhibit at Peggy Guggenheim’s Art of The Century gallery. In 1944 Hare married the former wife of André Breton, artist Jacqueline Lambda. In 1947, he was included in the International du Surréalisme exhibition at Galerie Maeght.

A member of the early New York School Abstract Expressionists, Hare would help establish The Subjects for Artist School in 1948 along side Mark Rothko, Robert Motherwell, and William Baziotes. He would also participate from 1954 to1957 in the invitational New York Painting and Sculpture Annuals. In the decades that followed, Hare held several teaching positions and turned his attention to a series of paintings and sculptures based on the Cronus myth, which would be part of a solo show at the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in 1977. Hare died at his longtime home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1992.